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Confident parents do not give their children what they want, but what they need


The aim of Föräldralotsen is to strengthen the relationship between parents and children by supporting parents in their parenthood – mainly through lectures and courses, but also individual counselling.


Malin’s lectures are mainly focusing on the relationship between parents and children, but a lot of the approaches and tools she suggests can also be applied in relation to a partner or a colleague. […]


 Malin describes how we create good conditions for co-operation and well-being at home and highlights what advantages it gives to the whole family. Research shows a clear relationship between well-being and productivity. Someone who has fought with a teenager in the morning will have difficulties focusing on work that day.[…]

Malin Thurezon

Malin mainly works preventively by making parents aware of how they want to acti in different situations with their children and by helping them all the time stay a few steps ahead of their children’s development. When parents are prepared for their children’s different developmental steps they feel safe and confident and become more clearly. That benefits the children who thereby both feel better and co-operate better.

In her work Malin mixes the latest research within leadership, parenthood and child psychology with funny stories from her own family life and tells stories shared by previous participants.

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